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Projecting my stay abroad

Projecting my stay abroad

# Outcomes

People reflect about how they project themselves in mobility projects and what they expect about their stay.
Could be used at the end of the project to compare their projection and what happened in reality.

# Context of development/experimentation

This workshop has been experienced with a historical partner of the project: CCI France.

# Materials needed

No specific material needed, except your smartphone.

# Length of the activity

30 min.

# Moment of the mobility project

Before mobility

# Situation (group/individual…)

Individual work
Productions could be then used to compare how people project themselves.

# Comments/advise

A good way to help people to project themselves about their stay abroad; how people want to experience their mobility? Some are more focused on tourism, others on relaxing, others on people…
Using the productions is a efficient way to help people to better reflect the meaning of mobility, especially learning mobility.

Tool needed, pre-requisite, specific target group, final output expected and exploitation of productions, context of the test…

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