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My perception of mobility

Projection on mobility
(Hopes and fears…)

# Outcomes

People express their expectation (and, why not their fears) about their stay abroad.
Could be used at the end of the project to compare their projection and what happened in reality.

# Context of development/experimentation

This workshop has been one of the first exercises set up using Daytripper.

# Materials needed

A set of photo-language.
You can ask people to use their own pictures on telephone or take pictures of any elemnt around. They can use the screen of computers.

# Length of the activity

1h30 advised

# Moment of the mobility project

After mobility

# Situation (group/individual…)

Starting from individual reflextion to group dynamic

# Comments/advise

This sequence has been successful but time has been too short. It would have been nice, after the exposition of outcomes, during the break, to collectively analyze what came out of the productions.
Moreover, what was positive came from the qualitative process. The idea was not to make things inclusive (putting the experience in the right talent) but to let people express how they would value this experience. In the debriefing, we saw that some people put the capacity of adaptation as something dealing with emotions. Others, as social capacities. Others, as technical know-how.

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