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My city

My city

# Outcomes

People introduce their city and their daily life.
It can be used to create a group dynamic and facilitate the process of knowing each other.
It can be done in a remote situation to help people to better know each other.

# Context of development/experimentation

This workshop has been experienced at the Jean Monnet University (St Etienne) with researchers.

# Materials needed

No specific material needed, except your smartphone.

# Length of the activity

Introduction: 15 min.
Experimentation: (min. 1 day)
Debriefing/exploitation: depends how you would like to exploit the productions.

# Moment of the mobility project

Before mobility
Can be done during mobility to introduce the city you stay in.

# Situation (group/individual…)

Individual work
Productions could be then used to compare how people live their city.

# Comments/advise

A good way to enter into people’s daily life respecting their intimacy. Introducing your city is an opportunity to story-tell how you live/experience/perceive your city.

# Link(s) to related download(s) (PDF):