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Introducing Daytripper


# Context of development/experimentation

This workshop has been set up with a group of students in engineering. We started the session with the activity : “where do you stand”.
Identify two opposites in a room : I agree, I don’t agree. When you state a sentence, people have to go to the direction they want : I agree or I disagree.
Example of sentences about mobility :
“Traveling is useful. It inspires. But all the rest is about disappointment and tiredness.”
“The most important is to visit the best places”.
“I hope the courses will be interesting.”
“Being mobile abroad during your stay abroad is first to have good parties!”
“I hope they will respect my own culture.”

# Materials needed

Powerpoint (sentences + presentation of Daytripper)

# Length of the activity

1h00 advised

# Moment of the mobility project

Before mobility

# Situation (group/individual…)

Starting from collective exchanges to focus on the use of Daytripper.

# Comments/advise

We have set up two workshops with groups of 20/30 students. The first workshop focused on the use of Daytripper through a users’ path. But, at the end of the session, we had the feeling that they didn’t put enough reflection on the “meaning of mobility”. The approach was too much pragmatic.
This second sequence has been successful because we started from their vision of what mobility means. Students were then much more interested by Daytripper because they knew better the interest of such tool.

Tool needed, pre-requisite, specific target group, final output expected and exploitation of productions, context of the test…

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